Rogate... Rogationists at Prayer (English Edition)

(Feb. 17) Fr. Bruno Rampazzo and the General Council have approved the English translation of the updated Prayer Book of the Congregation, Rogate... Rogationists at Prayer and authorized its publication online on our website. 

The Translation Commission wishes to thank all those who collaborated on this project of translation and editing of the text.


1. Prayer Book - full text

2. Supplements in distinct parts that can be printed as leaflets or inserts for use by communities and individual confreres while awaiting the printing of the Prayer Book:

a. Daily Prayers (Morning and Midday Prayers)

b. Daily prayers (morning prayers, including alternative daily offerings; until the night prayers)

c. Rogationist invocations and intercessions for the Liturgy of the Hours

d. The Holy Rosary

e. Monthly Founder's Day Prayers of the Faithful

f. Thursday Eucharistic Adoration for Vocations (10 formats)

g. Stations of the Cross for Vocations

h. Triduum in honor of St. Joseph

i. Prayer Resources for the World Day of Prayer for Vocations

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