February 01, 2022- The SHFC- Cebu Community joined their Vietnamese brothers and confreres in celebrating the Lunar New Year 2022. The Vietnamese Brothers of the community prepared Vietnamese food for the festivity. The cultural committee also organized a simple yet worth remembering program. Fr. Alfonso Heredia, RCJ, a missionary in Vietnam gave his opening remarks. In his message, he relayed some important traditional practices of the Vietnamese during the celebration of the Tet Festival or the Lunar New Year. Some seminarians performed a dance presentation showcasing the Vietnamese culture. Bro. Hoang Tam, RCJ, made some questions regarding the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. Afterwards, each of the members of the community picked their Bible verse and lucky money inside the Ampao. This picking of lucky money and verse is called “Lixi” in Vietnamese. Fr. Ulyses Angus, RCJ, gave his closing remarks after the program.

Celebrating the Lunar New Year with the Vietnamese brothers is a way for the members of the community to understand the Vietnamese culture and adapting to other cultures as missionaries.



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