Recollections of Rogationist High School students resume

                This School Year 2022-2023, the face-to-face classes have been resumed 100% after having lessons online for the previous two years. In this context, with the goal of developing the spiritual life of the students of the Rogationist College in Cavite, the annual recollection by class has also resumed at the Oasis of Prayer Rogate Center of Spirituality starting on November 14, 2022. The first group of Grade 7 students listened to talks, had a moment of reflection and sharing, and concluded with the sacrament of confession and the Holy Mass. The activities were animated by the Campus Ministry and the Rogationists at the Oasis of Prayer. The whole-day recollection by class runs throughout the school year for the more than 50 classes of the Rogationist College High School and College departments, with a school population of more than 1,500 students.