Gear ↑2 LEAD: Leading Erudites for Academic Discipline

“Gear ↑2 LEAD: Leading Erudites for Academic Discipline” – SSG Chronicles Part 2

The 2022 RCP Academic Week Celebration – November 21-25, 2022


November 23, 2022

Written by: Fatima Beatriz C. Ranolo, SSG Secretary

On the third day of the Academic Week last November 23, 2022, the RCP community was transported to the world of Greek mythology as they witnessed the Cosplay Parade with Dance Drama Competition of both the Junior High School and Senior High School Department.

To kick off the program, cosplayers paraded throughout the campus after a student assembly in the RCP lobby. It was evident that numerous RCians were fascinated by the cosplayers' eye-catching costumes, props, and commendable depiction of their chosen Greek gods and goddesses. The way they led their classmates, who represented the same element as them, was also an awe-inspiring sight!

Following the parade, everyone made their way to the St. Anthony Auditorium for the most-awaited part of the program: the Dance Drama Competition. To invoke the Lord's presence in the event, Grade 11 students were called on stage to lead the prayer, followed by students from the Music Class singing the National Anthem and Jhyian Benedict M. Quindara, a Grade 8 student, reciting the National Pledge. Later, each one went all ears to our Rector, Father Anton's, welcoming message, as well as Mr. Paul Dizon's introduction of the judges and presentation of the mechanics for judging.

Eventually, the students proudly showcased their presentations that did not only serve entertainment but also lessons and realizations drawn from fascinating legends about gods and goddesses that were a significant part of everyday life in the ancient world. Their mythical nature does not diminish the fact they contain important morals and teachings that are just as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. Listed below is the sequence of their performances:

1. Grade 7 students representing the WIND element along with Athena, the goddess of wisdom; Hera, the goddess of marriage; and Apollo, the god of music.

2. Grade 8 students representing the EARTH element along with Demeter, the goddess of the harvest; Artemis, the goddess of the hunt; and Zeus, King of the Gods.

3. Senior High School students representing the WATER element along with Poseidon, God of the sea; Oceanus, the Father of the Waters, and the Titan Lord of the Oceans; and Amphitrite, goddess-queen of the seas.

4. Grade 10 students representing the METAL element along with Hephaestus, the Father of Invention, or the God of Metalworking; Chrysus, the god of gold; and Theia, the goddess of divine light.

5. Grade 9 students represent the FIRE element along with Hades, king of the underworld; Persephone, queen of the underworld; and Ares, God of war.

The jaw-dropping and well-thought-out performances of all grade levels earned a big round of applause from the audience! The show they gave was phenomenal and made even better with the help of their cosplayers, who made every effort to embody several gods and goddesses as best as they could, which we saw much more of when they had their final walk. However, that was not only what filled the auditorium with high spirits. It also delighted everyone to see the video presentation prepared by Mr. Jason Bonifacio, showing a glimpse of the preparation behind the first-ever Cosplay Parade with Dance Drama Competition of our school.

To end the event with a bang, our dearest teachers had their turn to take the stage. Rays of sunshine were painted all over the faces of the students, parents, and the rest watching as teachers started to dance their hearts out to music. And when it came time to declare the results of the competition, their smiles grew even bigger — thrilled to know who will be hailed as winners of the contest.

What a huge success that day was! Different skills, talents, and abilities RCians possessed were highlighted. Some may have even discovered their giftedness as a result of our school’s activity. With that, everyone already felt like champions.

Chronicles of the Fourth Day: QUIZ BOWL: TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS

November 24, 2022

Written by: Marr Lorenz B. Lim, SSG Assistant Secretary

Last November 24, 2022, the Junior and Senior High School students participated in the fourth day of our Academic Week Celebration, "Quiz Bowl: Tournament of Champions". At 11:00 am, the Top 3 students from Grade 7, Grade 8, and Grade 9 competed to crown a champion for that category. The Top 3 students from Grade 7 were Carlos Inigo Aquino, Johnfel Bren Macabale, and Elthea Quinn A. De Guzman. For Grade 8, The Top 3 students were William Chester Bajal, Maria Alexandria Denise Egar, and Elisha Tan. Lastly, The Top 3 students from Grade 7 were Ezra Azariah V. Tumlos, Ruben C. Roxas II and Mohammad Jashim M. Cosain. Each student was grouped with one another to represent their respective grade level to win the said event. Here are the teams:

Team 1:

Elthea Quinn De Guzman (Grade 7)

Maria Alexandria Denise Egar (Grade

Ezra Azariah V. Tumlos (Grade 9)

Team 2:

Carlos Inigo Aquino (Grade 7)

Elisha Tan (Grade

Ruben C. Roxas II (Grade 9)

Team 3:

Johnfel Macabale (Grade 7)

William Chester Bajal (Grade

Mohammad Jashim M. Cosain (Grade 9)

The competition was a tight one. For the easy round, all groups began the competition with a great start as they were able to gather and tally a total of 8 points, tying with each other. For the Average Round, All teams were able to answer the respective questions, Team 1 and 3 were able to tally 12 points, while Team 2 gained 9 points. And now, the most crucial and intense part. The Difficult round. All teams headed into the round with a close score. The students had a hard time answering it. Despite that, all groups were able to gain a total of 15 points, respectively. After adding all the points, Team 2 was able to finish 3rd place, tallying a total of 32 points. On the other hand, Team 1 and 3 tied, each gaining a total of 35 points, leading to a crucial tie-breaker. In the end, Team 3 were able to secure the win, winning the tiebreaker round and the championship!

Followed directly after the first edition is the second one! This bracket includes Grade 10, Grade 11 and Grade 12 students, respectively. For Grade 10, the Top 3 students were Feebie Emmarlith L. Duroy, Harry Ivan E. Ramin, and Jazzy Margarette L. Dacut. Next, the Top 3 students for Grade 11 were Vince Renier R. Perez, Sophja Pauleen Filart and Sophia Rose F. Inoc. Lastly, The Top 3 students for Grade 12 were Josiah Aldea, Jasmen Naturales and Franco Tiamzon. Just like the 1st bracket, they had the same rules and mechanics. In addition, they were also divided into groups. Here are the teams:

Team 1:

Vince Renier R. Perez

Josiah Leandreu S. Aldea

Jazzy Margarette L. Dacut

Team 2:

Jasmen D. Naturales

Sophja Pauleen A. Filart

Harry Ivan E. Ramin

Team 3:

Feebie Emmarlith L. Duroy

Franco Yehsuah V. Tiamzon

Sophia Rose F. Inoc

Throughout the majority of the competition, all teams went back and forth. For the easy round, each team was able to answer the given questions. At that point, Team 2 was leading, gathering 8 points. Followed closely by Team 3, gathering 6 points. Finally, Team 1, gathering 4 points. All teams have a 2point differential from each other, heading into the Average Round. For the Average Round, Team 3 was able to tally 9 points, while Teams 1 and 2 gathered 9 points, respectively. All teams are neck-and-neck heading into the Difficult round. For the difficult round, Team 3 once again led the way, tallying 20 points! Followed by Teams 1 and 2, both gathering 15 points. After adding all the points, Team 3 was able to secure the win and the championship, tallying a total of 38 points! Followed by Team 2, tallying a total of 32 points! And finally, Team 1, tallying a total of 28 points.


to everyone! Not only to the competitors, but as well as all of you RCian participants! Each one of you was able to exemplify and showcase your talents and tried your best for this competition. Despite not being able to qualify, all of you still worked and studied hard for this moment, especially this Academic Week with the other enjoyable competitions. Continue to strive more and never give up. There are more opportunities still to come in the future!

Once again,


to my fellow RCians! And remember…Never Give Up!