Christmas day is fast approaching.

The ambience of joy and the longing for the Litle Child is growing stronger and so much visible every where.

To make this solemn day extraordinary, our Rogationist postulants are doing some preparations in SHRC-Calcutta community. Spiritual preparation such us prayers, novena and simbang gabi are observed faithfully every day.

Aside from the spiritual preparation they also did the external preparation such set up the belen in the chapel, house decorations, music practice, and christmas carols.

Today, December 19, 2020 despite the many activities, the non-Filipino postulants have a half day manual work and followed by basketball friendship game in the afternoon.

This game is a moment for them to nurture thier frienship and at the same time to upgrade their skill in sports.

This is will be their first time to celebrate Chritmas away from home and families.

Stay strong and enjoy the unique Paskong Pinoy in the Phillipines!



December 18, 2022 - Today, the SMP Postulants move forward to the Second Phase (Exposure) of the Postulancy Program. They will be staying with their respective families, for a month long period of "Family Immersion", which timely coincides during the Christmas season. Meanwhile, the non-Filipino Postulants, since they cannot go home, for obviously practical reasons, will be spending this time in some of our Rogationist local communities. Let us accompany them with our prayers and wish them a meaningful and fruitful "exposure", returning with deeper conviction and more mature decision to pursue their Rogationist vocation.