Canonical visit of Major Superior of STQP

29/06/2023: Angamaly

The canonical visit of Fr Shajan Pazhayil, the Major Superior of St Thomas Quasi Province India, has completed his visits in three houses of the Quasi Province. Fr Robin Arackaprambil, the secretary of the QP also accompanied Fr Shajan during the visits. Fr James Plathottathil, the Treasurer of QP also verified the economic details of each house with the Major Superior and the community. It was with liturgical celebrations the visits begins and ends. The Visit began with the Rogate Bhavan Minor Seminary, Mananthavady from June 19 to 21. On the 19th Fr Shajan celebrated the Holy Eucharist and officially began the visit. After completing the visit with the vespers on the 22nd at Minor Seminary, the novitiate house was visited from 22 to 24 of June. Fr Babu Muringayil welcomed Fr Shajan, Fr James and Fr Robin very cordially. The visit began with the Holy Eucharist presided over by Fr Shajan. Everything was done previously and Fr Shajan verified the house and its running. After completing the visit on the 24th with the vespers Fr Shajan and Fr Robin went back to QP Community. As it was scheduled the visit at QP Community from 26 and 28, it was followed without any negligence. Fr Shaju Koonathan the superior of the House welcomed Fr Shajan officially and began the visit with the vespers. Later Fr Shajan verified the documents of the house and sealed everything officially. On the 28th the visit at QP Community was completed with the liturgical celebration. The Canonical visit will be completed in the month of August 2023.

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