St. Thomas Quasi Provinces - New Novices and Religious; Renewal of Vows

June 1: First profession of 5 Novices, entrance to the Novitiate of 4 Postulants, and renewal of vows of 27 Religious
The St. Thomas Quasi Province had the joy of celebrating the first profession of five novices: Albert Thayyil. Amal Perinchery, Jibin Pakkathukunnel, Nikhil Kallunkalthazhe, Tiljo Chollampuzh; the entrance to the Novitiate of four postulants; and the renewal of vows of 27 brothers from Rogate Ashram. In the context of Covid19 and lockdown situation in Kerala, the first profession and entrance to the Novitiate were done in a very simple but meaningful way at Gurudharsan Novitiate House on June 1st, the feast of St. Hannibal; while the renewal of vows took place in Rogate Ashram, Aluva.
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Renewal of Vows - Rogate Ashram, Aluva.
First Profession - Novitiate House, Meenangady.
Neo professed - Novitiate House, Meenangady.
New novices - Novitiate House, Meenangady.


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Submitted by wcruz on Fri, 07/10/2020 - 20:49

Best wishes to all the members of Saint Thomas Quasi Province! God bless you all.

Fr. Willy CRUZ