Mission Send Off to Vietnam of Fr. King Cena

In the humble chapel of the St. Hannibal Rogate Center, on February 1, 2016, Fr. King Cena himself presided over the morning Eucharistic celebration, within which Fr. Herman Abcede, the Provincial Superior, conferred him the missionary cross, in a simple rite of Mission Send Off to Vietnam. He shall join Fr. Noel Balquin in that Missionary Station, with the Vietnamese religious brothers, aspirant and discerners. Present and concelebrated during the liturgy where, Fr. Orville Cajigal, the Provincial Councilor on Mission and Charity, Fr. John Lucas, Fr. Alfonso Flores and Fr. Rodolfo Patiag, Jr.. The event was witnessed by the other members of the community and their daily early Holy Mass goers. May the good Lord, who himself sent his first missionaries be his constant guide and model.